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The SuperHealth Playbook is coming your way! From nutrition, exercise to biohacking, plus so much more. Empower yourself and learn how to optimise your health!

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Essential Ingredients of the SuperHealth Playbook

We are 100% what we eat! Every cell is built by what we eat and drink. Naturally, we want the best building material. The quality of the ingredients and a balanced diet, are both essential for a healthy body and mind.
There are endless studies proving that regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  As we grow older we must counteract the loss of muscle known as sarcopenia. The best exercise for the prevention of muscle loss is progressive overload by using heavy weights. Combined with Pilates the body not only stays strong and stable but also flexible and mobile.
Our bodies are designed to move throughout the day, to move in as many different ways and as many different parts of us as possible. Every single cell needs movement input. But with modern-day comforts comes a sedentary lifestyle. Walking is often underrated but walking short and long distances every day is something everyBODY is able to do, getting the blood flow going and the lymphatic system going. Keeping busy and choosing movement as our preferred mode of transportation plus building in more movement breaks is vital for keeping a youthful body.
Sleep is a crucial part of healthy functioning for the body. During sleep, our brains detoxify and the body goes into rest and recovery mode. Increasing the quality of sleep by introducing a calming bedtime routine can enhance performance during the day and increase longevity.
Using traditional methods, science, technology and self-experimentation to upgrade and optimise one's own biology and performance. From testing, tracking, using supplementations to cold water immersion biohacking is the ultimate way to really understand and take charge of your health.
Being outdoors, getting daylight exposure and feeling the earth beneath our bare feet (also known as grounding) are simple and free health care practices that are often overlooked but make up a large piece of true wellness. Countless studies have shown how spending time in nature can help with reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Daylight exposure is vital for Vitamin D synthesis and hormone regulation/production.
Mental Wellbeing
The marvellous mind needs nurturing just as much as the body. Our mental status affects our body. The science of Psychoneuroimmunology is relatively new , but we all have experienced it ourselves, by how quickly destructive emotions can make us feel tired and drained. Our minds are constantly overstimulated in a world full of distractions. Taking time out to practice mindfulness, meditation and working on personal growth are the three magic ingredients to truly keep the mind (and body) marvellous.
We are social animals. We might not have a conscious need to belong, but it's there nonetheless. It resides deep within us and in our history as humans, we always lived in tribes. The modern-day tribe is mostly made up of family and friends and sometimes extended to the community around us. The feeling of belonging and purpose ( how we can serve our tribe) is a need to fully thrive as human beings.
The air we breathe, the water we drink, what we put on our skin, what cleaning products we use all have a huge effect on our health especially on the endocrine systems. Cleaning up our environment can be the first and often easiest step to improve our well-being.

The SuperHealth Playbook changes the narrative of what health care is all about. Health care becomes a daily habit you will love.

Subscribe and be the first to know about Group and 1:1 coaching programs, live online classes, and the latest information on all things holistic health.
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