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About SuperHealth Playbook

The SuperHealth Playbook was born from many years of training in many different fitness and wellness modalities from Pilates, Biomechanics, Fascia-work, Breath work and Nutrition to Holistic Health Coaching while deepening my knowledge continuously via self-study, self-experimentation, and data collection from hundreds of clients.

What I learned over the years is to STOP guessing and START testing.

From DNA profiling, blood and hormone testing to daily tracking with wearable technologies. Get the data, know and don't guess your health because YOU CAN BE THE CEO OF YOUR OWN HEALTH and it is my mission and passion to show you how.

To create SuperHealth, I designed a Playbook to list all the ingredients that make up SuperHealth

Every single one of those holistic health ingredients can be a challenge in our modern world. Having good nutrition is more challenging, with soil depletion worsening each year. Being in the present moment and fully aware is tricky with all the modern-day distractions.

Getting enough quality movement, exercise and daylight exposure is also something we all have to work on, and the list goes on.

Despite the many advantages we have made as human beings to prolong our lives through allopathic medicine and technology.
More people than ever are getting sick with autoimmune diseases, diabetes and cancer than ever before. You have the power to change your own health path, by taking charge today!

Want to know more? Please have a look at the offerings, from bespoke private and group coaching programs, DNA profiling, wellness and hormonal testing to weekly live classes and product recommendations.

Get in contact, let's connect and together we will create your SuperHealth Playbook!

Maite x

Let's get started on a stronger and more vibrant YOU!

Group Coaching

SuperHealth Playbook group coaching programme 66-D

The ultimate group coaching programme that takes you through 66 days creating habits to get a healthier and stronger version of YOU by using biohacking and the latest science on health optimisation. Learning what you really need to know about fitness, nutrition and holistic health for life.

Live Online Classes

SuperHealth Playbook live online classes modern pilates

Get up and get moving without having to leave the house. No more wasting time on your commute. Show up and be accountable.

One Membership all access. Missed a class? No problem, recordings will always be available to catch up in your own time.

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