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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 66-D suitable for?

Anyone and everyBODY who is serious about upgrading their health.

Do I need any equipment for 66-D and Pilates?

Yes. Please click here to see all equipment needed for the classes.

Do I have to attend the live classes at 7 am?

This is completely up to you. Some do all the classes, others join only on certain days. There will always be a new recording every Monday.

I have a medical condition/I have dietary restrictions. Can I join 66-D?

In general, this should not be an issue and can be discussed in the 1-1 session with Maite prior to the start of the program. Please email with any more specific questions to conditions.

How do I cancel my monthly live class membership?

Log in and open your Account, click the 'View or cancel plans' link under 'Billing'. Then Click the 'Cancel subscription' link under the plan you want to cancel. Keep in mind, you can only cancel a recurring plan or multiple payment plan (after all payments have been made).

How do I access the recorded classes?

We'll send you an email after each session for 66-D Members. Please note you have 3 weeks to access and view this video.

What if there is no trainer available?

Occasionally a class won’t go ahead but this is calculated in the membership pricing.

Can I get a refund for 66-D?

If after 7 days you feel like this programme is not for you, you can get a partial refund (minus the 1-2-1 goal planning session value of £80).

Can I split the cost?

Yes, you can either pay all upfront or split the costs into three payments. For our 66-D Programme only.

Can I freeze my account?

Yes, Please email us when you need to freeze your account.

How do I book my 1-2-1 session with Maite?

Please follow the steps in the welcome email after joining the 66-D Programme, there is a link with available dates and times. Alternatively you can visit this page to access the booking form.

I would love to join 66-D but prefer doing it privately with Maite rather than in a group. Are bespoke packages available?

Depending on availability we can offer private packages. The minimum commitment is 66 day;-)!

Do classes run over bank holidays?

No, classes don’t run over the any bank holidays.

What is covered in the 66-D programme?
The Following topics will be covered over the 66 days:
  • Deep Nutrition, Macros and Micros
  • Strength training, Muscle is the organ of longevity!
  • Sleep and Stress Management
  • Hormones, It's not you it's them!
  • Blood sugar control and Liver love
  • Intro to Biohacking
  • Microbiome, A diverse playground
  • Fat Loss accelerator, A guided two week meal plan
  • Environmental toxins
  • Mindfulness and Self Care
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