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March 28, 2022

Why Your Hormones Might Be Stopping Your Weight Loss

A prevalent concept is that you are gaining weight because of your excessive
eating habits. While it is often the case, people find themselves being overweight not for
one reason alone.
One reason can be your  hormones that have made your weight
loss journey a nightmare. Triggers that disturb these hormones can be stress,
anxiety, age, genes and poor lifestyle choices.
Here are some of the hormones that can lead to weight loss problems if in

Thyroid Hormones
Thyroid glance is located in the base of your throat and is responsible for
producing T3, T4 and Calcitonin - all accountable for metabolism maintenance in
your body. If there is a shortage of these hormones (hypothyroidism), the result
often challenges weight loss.
Since the body cannot be as efficient as needed in metabolizing and burning fat,
no matter how great of a diet you are on and how hardcore your exercise is,
weight loss will be difficult.
Moreover, since you cannot burn fat fast enough due to the low-functioning
thyroid, excess fluids build up in your body and leave a bloaty appearance.

It is a hormone secreted by the pancreas- used as a carrier for glucose to be
secreted as energy or stored as fat. Poor lifestyle choices like overconsuming

processed foods, alcohol, processed foods and artificially sweetened drinks can
trigger insulin resistance in your body.
It means that muscles cells will become resistant to glucose bound insulin, and
all that excess glucose remains in the bloodstream. The high insulin levels cause
the body to store more visceral fat and leave the body prone to many medical
conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and problems in weight

Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal gland when you feel negative emotions like
depression, anger, sadness, anxiety or physical injury. Its primary job is to
decrease body stress levels by increasing blood sugar levels.
If your body is constantly in a state of stress, it can spike your cortisol levels and
remain high. Elevated blood sugar levels cause increased belly fat. Eventually, if
we still do not figure out how to manage stress, we develop adrenal fatigue.
It means that adrenal glands produce less and fewer cortisol levels, causing
chronic metabolic sluggishness. The decreased metabolism, once again, cause
issues in weight loss.

It is often known as the hunger hormone secreted by the stomach.
When people observe a strict and harsh diet or fats too often, Ghrelin levels
increase within the body, boosting appetite and increasing fat deposition.

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